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A bleak picture of the world ahead

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Shahabuddin khaled chowdhury (২০১৮-০৬-১২ ০৬:৩৪:৫৮)

During 2nd world war the allied powers, United States of America, Great Britain and Soviet Union had held two Summit conferences, one at Tehran, the capital of Iran, in November 1973 and 2nd Summit at Yelta in February 1945. Roosevelt, the president of America, Churcill, The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Mr. Stalin, the lion man of Soviet Russia, attended the above conferences. These two conferences were successful beyond doubts and it was the world-wide expectation that the harmony and co-operation among the allies during war time conference will endure in the post war world and ultimately a permanent world peace will thus be established. The renowned magazine, "The Time" of America reported after Yalta conference, "All doubts about the big three's ability to co operate in peace as well as in war seem to have been swept away".
At the end o the world war, the final conference was held at Potsdam of Germany where Mr. Truman, the president of the United States, Mr. Churcill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Mr. Joseph Stalin of Soviet Russia attended the conference on behalf of their respective countries. The formal meeting of three allied powers started from 16th July 1945. But unfortunately, in the course of their last conference of the big three, conflicts were not settled but intensified and aggressiveness and obstinacy were elevated to national policy. Conflicts between Russia and America extended over most parts of the earth, with threats and fears amidst a nuclear arms race. At the end of the conference Mr. Truman, Churcill and Stalin did not sign the peace agreement that the world anticipated, rather they signed a tripartite declaration of the cold-war.
Deaths in battle in world war 1st numbered around 9 million but the political goals for the 1st world war were so unclear that, we are still debating the causes for the war. In 2nd world war the destruction was much greater. In addition to about fifteen million civilians were killed. Total deaths in world war 2nd were around sixty million or 3% of the total population of the then world.
During 2nd world war, United States had only three atom bombs at its possession, no other nation had any nuclear bombs but at present, the united states, Russia, Great Britain, France, China even India, Pakistan and North Korea, have over seventy thousands nuclear weapons which are more powerful that destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan and sufficient to destroy several world at a time.
After founding of the United Nations, after 2nd world war more than one hundred twenty wars have been fought all over the world. More than eighteen million people have been killed in those wars.
Nikita Kruschev, a former Prime Minister of Soviet Union, a very renowned political figure in the then world politics, in 1960s, said, "There are those who don't seem able to get into their heads that in the next war, victor will be barely distinguishable from the vanquished. A war between soviet union and the united states would almost certainly end in mutual defeat."
In twentieth century technological progress of mankind exceeded its Political and Spiritual progress. In 21st century we cannot allow it to happen. Because material progress without simultaneous progress in political and spiritual sphere can lead to the total destruction of mankind. Scientific advances with Political and moral progress will reduce the chances of war and increase the benefits of peace. Violence does not mean only the absence of conflict, Violence, enmity or war. It means vanquishing of justice and total restoration of human values without which humanity and justice are bound to be absent.
Globally U$D 1,676 billion was spent on only defense expenses in the year 2015, according to the Stockholm International peace research Institute (SIPRT). It has also shown that only 13 percent of this amount would be sufficient to solve the problem of hunger worldwide. 12 Percent of the above amount would be sufficient for universal primary and secondary education and mere 5% can ensure health care for all.
Recently opinion poll in seven of the nine nuclear armed nations shows majority of the people are in favor of nuclear disarmament and yet U$D 105 billion was spent in nuclear weapons world-wide in the year 2011, according to the report given by the "Global Zero nuclear weapons cost study report", Every hour several hundred people die out of hunger all over the world, but still U$D 12 million is being spent every hour for production of nuclear weapons.
Vladimir Putin, newly elected president of Russia for the fourth terms in a recently held election in the most un- democratic manner, lashed out at U.S. Trade Tariffs and western sanctions and also warned against a possible civilization-destroying world war 3rd. The understanding that a third world war could be end of civilization should restrain us from taking extreme steps on the international arena that highly dangerous for modern civilization. But a few months ahead of his presidential election. Putin himself proudly declared a new edition of nuclear weapons to his country's arsenal.
Mr. Nixon, former president of United states of America in his book. "1999" wrote about India and Pakistan "For two of the poorest nations in the world to be spending $8 billion, a year for arms to be used against each other is obscene. Time is long past for strong statesmen in both the countries to declare peace with each other and declare war on poverty that plague both the countries." After above writing can you believe that during his tenure as the president of America. American arms were sold in large quantity to both the countries, India and Pakistan.