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Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israeli capital may end American Global Leadership

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Shahabuddin Khaled Chowdhury (২০১৮-০২-০২ ১১:৫৬:১৮)

One of the renowned former presidents of United States of America, Woodrow Wilson said “We will mean to live our own lives as we will, but we mean also to let live. We are indeed a true friend of all nations of the world, because we threaten none covet the possession of none, desire the overthrow of none “almost all the founding fathers of American independence were traditionally great and competent enough to make America worthy of global leadership. Dr. Henry Kissinger Ex. American foreign secretary, a name uttered in every nook and corner of the then world as the most competent diplomat, said in his look “Democracy “American leaders who shaped the post war (American war of independence) emerged from an intellectual tradition of extra-ordinary coherence and vitality’’.
Mr. Donald trump as a presidential candidate spoke in a meeting held in the month of march 2016 of American- Israeli public affairs committee (AIPAC) where he declared, “we will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of Jewish people, Jerusalem. After Trump’s take over as the president of U.S.A. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel visited United State and both he and American president Donald Trump held a joined press conference on 15th February, 2017. In that conference president uttered not a single word about two states solution of Palestine and Israeli problem. Donald trump visited Israel in the month of May 2017 and he was the first president to break the tradition and visited Jerusalem and prayed at the western wall. Finally on 6th December, 2017 president trump declared the decision of American Govt. to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital and accordingly it is decided to transfer American Embassy to Jerusalem. However, Thanks should be given to President Donald Trump, because he is at least clear about the Washington’s ultimate goal so far as Palestine is concerned. During last few decades, American Presidents belonging both to Democratic and Republican parties played the role of immoral duplicity. They continuously assured the Palestinian leadership of a just solution of their problem and on the other hand, continued arming Israel’s and always condoned all the illegal acts of Israel. Now Trump may even recognize Israel as a “Jewish State” and legitimize all the illegal settlements of Israel built in Palestinian areas. Now whole world particularly Palestinians are relieved of American chicanery and snobbery. The resolution of U.N. that created Israel was actually passed separating two parts for establishing two States, Israel and Palestine. The resolution excluded Jerusalem because in 1947 United nations passed a resolution (Number 181) declaring Jerusalem as international Zone(Corpus Separatum: a separate entity under international jurisdiction). In 1980, Israel passed a law in its parliament declaring Jerusalem as its capital. In response United Nations passed resolution no. 478 and cancelled the Israel law. No country took the initiative to transfer their embassy to Jerusalem after U.N’S. resolution again declaring Jerusalem corps saparatum a separate entity under international law.

American was the first country to violate the law of United Nations. In 1995 both houses of U.S. Congress, the house of Senate and the house of representatives passed a law “Jerusalem Embassy Act 1995” The President also signed the law on condition that the President can postpone it as many times as the President thinks fit. Hence though the law was passed during the presidency of President Clintons, it was never implemented before Donald Trump’s declaration of transfer of American Embassy to Jerusalem.
In spite of cordial diplomatic relations of America with Saudi Arabia , Egypt and Jordan, the public opinion became so explosive in those countries governments had to co -operate whole heartedly with Turkish president Mr. Erdogan to hold OIC extra-ordinary summit in Istanbul on December 13th . China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany Iran –Syria and European union as a whole lodged vehement protest against American decision recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A summit meeting of OIC held on 13th December in Istanbul under the chairmanship of present OIC chairman Mr. Erdogan, president of Turkey, all 57members were present in the conference and unanimously adopted the following resolution “We recognize the state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital and invite the world to recognize East Jerusalem as the occupied capital of the state of Palestine”. In spite of serious differences of opinion on major issues among OIC members, an unanimous resolution was adopted an Palestine issue. On 18th December 2017 Egypt, a temporary member of the security council moved a resolution condemning the American decision to establish its embassy in Jerusalem which is a clear violation of international law. Excepting United State, all the 15 members of the Security Council voted for the resolution. American ambassador vetoed the resolution and declared that America will never forget this insult. Then on 21st December at the request of Yemen and turkey a meeting of the general assembly of the U.N.O was called. The meeting of the general assembly condemned vehemently the decision of U.S.A to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem and requested U.S.A. to change its decision immediately sensing the insulting defeat in the general assembly the American ambassador behaved so obnoxiously that it will be written in history and will be remembered for many years to come. She said president Trump is watching everything and actions will be taken against those countries and American aid to those countries will be stopped. This uncivilized behavior of American ambassador really insulted those founding fathers of American independence who with their great sacrifices, unparallel wisdom and historical generosity made America great. All admirers of American greatness throughout the world are dumfounded. Though America is not bound to implement the resolution according to law, the status as the greatest world power of America has reached its lowest ebb.
However, whole world presently concluded, America has lost all its credibility to be an arbitrator for solving Palestine issue. America is lacking in greatness to solve such a sensitive problem of Palestine.