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Bangladesh-Myanmar Agreement Over Rohingya Problem is not Comprehensive

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Shahabudding Khaled Chowdhury : Rape of Rohinga women by the Myanmar Army was not a by-product of the conflict but if you analyses the fact it speaks otherwise. It was the conventional weapon of war and a well thought out military strategy. This strategy was also applied in cases of Bosnia or in Bangladesh during the time of liberation war by Pak Army in 1971 or in occupied Nanjing of China in 1937 by the Japanese Army where 22 million Chinese were slaughtered.
Aung San Suukyi Myanmar’s defacto leader admitted and condemned this conventional weapon of rape of the Myanmar Army long ago. She said in May 2011 at Nobel initiators conference, “Rape is used in my country as a weapon against those who only want to live in peace, who only wants to assert their basic human rights, especially in the areas of the ethnic nationalities. Rape is rife. It is used as a weapon by the armed forces to intimidate the ethnic nationalities to divide our country.” Suukyi was absolutely correct. But unfortunately she could not be great enough to make right choice between the truth and the history like other great men of history. The famous Associates Press (A.P.) of United States of America found in interviews with 29 Rohingya women and girls now in Bangladesh. They were interviewed separately who now live spread across several refugee camps in Bangladesh yet their stories were surprisingly similar and of same nature. As woman after woman, young and old narrate their stories of shame of how they were raped not once or twice but repeatedly by the Myanmar Military to American Agency A.P., the case becomes more convincing for U.N. special representative of the secretary General, Pramila Paten to put the soldiers on the dock of the International Criminal Court at Hague. She promised in Dhaka last month (November-2017).

The Main problem is that Myanmar is not a signatory to the Rome Statement to international Criminal Court. The I.C.C. can only punishes those rogue states which are the signatories of the treaty and still committed such crimes and are not willing to address them. If I.C.C. now wants to take actions against Myanmar it has to get approval of the Security Council, under present circumstance the prospect is very bleak because both China and Russia are backing Myanmar for economic interest conveniently forgetting their commitments to humanity.

In 2002, Shan Human Rights foundation based in Thailand released a report titled, “License to Rape” . It detailed 173 incidents of rape involving 625 girls and women by Myanmar Army, 83% of these committed by officers, in the most cases in front of their troops. The report drew significant international attention.

Mr. Jefry Feltmen the under Secretary General said on behalf of the secretary General of U.N.O. that recent Agreement signed between Myanmar and Bangladesh for solving Rohingya problem will not bring about a permanent solution. According to the world organization a comprehensive and permanent solution is necessary on the basis of international law so that the Rohingya refugees can return to their homeland honourably, voluntarily and legally.

On 6th November 2017, the Security Council accepted unanimously presidential statement and the Security Council requested the secretary General to make the statement after 30 days. Accordingly the statement was made on behalf of the secretary general on Thursday. According to the statement from 25th August 6 lakh and 25 thousand Rohingya refugees already entered into Bangladesh. The statement also stressed that the real solution of Rohingya problem depends on Myanmar. Without establishing rule of law for all citizens of Myanmar the permanent solution is impossible.

In the same session of the Security Council, Promila Paten, the special representative of Secretary General also spoke. In her speech she gave a vivid description of the Myanmar Army which she collected from the statements given by Rohingya refugees during her recent visit of Rohingya camp in Bangladesh.

She visited Bangladesh from 5th to 13th November 2017. She vividly described the real picture of torture, rape and other human treatment of the Myanmar Army let loose on Rohingya women and children. Many women were forcibly kept in army camps for more than months and were constantly raped by Army officers before their husbands and many girls were raped before their fathers. Mothers were raped before their children. After rape the children were thrown at the fire. Promila Paten requested the Security Council to exercise all its powers to punish those culprits of humanity. Today, Aung San Suukyi is incharge of Myanmar Govt., She is the daughter of an illustrious father who was also the president of Myanmar after independence from the British Govt., who also allowed the citizenship of Rohingya Muslims. Suukyi herself was imprisoned by the Myanmar Army rulers for years together who launched and led a serious movement for democracy. She became a noble laureate. Power has made her so blind that she is supporting all inhuman activities of the Myanmar army like rape, arson, looting, carnage, plunder of properties of Rohingya Muslims. The incidents of tearing to pieces of the limbs of Children and dragging men, women and children out of their houses and butchering, massacring them on open streets and throwing into fire, are regularly taking place. In all incidents the Army is directly involved. Under these circumstances how Suukyi can absolve herself of criminal punishment?